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TradeSmarter is a binary options trading platform that powers 24bulls and other binary trading websites such as TradeSmarter is a binary options platform that is primarily focused on providing a premium of information to the option trader as the trade actually occurs, on the user interface. This article will review TradeSmarter binary options trading platforms and how they allow option traders trade binary options in ways that differ from other platforms on the market.

Visual Appearance

TradeSmarter platforms look busy at first glance. There are multiple boxes, each with its own asset, and each binary options box is filled with information for the option trader. The top of the window lists the asset and the listed payout. Below are two arrows – Call and Put – with the current price and information boxes by each arrow that explain what the arrow represents.

The user also has access to a drop-down menu that tells you how much you will make in-the-money or out-of-the-money for a given investment amount. Finally, the box contains a chart that is updated as the day progresses, showing the movement of the asset’s price.

The user interface is one defining feature of TradeSmarter’s platforms, but may discourage some traders from using it because of how busy the interface can be. But, it can help you learn option trading as you go.

Ease of Use

The people behind TradeSmarter’s trading interfaces believe that binary options trading should be simple. That is why TradeSmarter platforms try to help traders learn option trading as they trade binary options. Because of this, the system is very easy to use, with a lack of advanced and complicated features and options that can get in the way.

It is also easy to deposit and withdraw funds from your account. The cashier area is similar to other platforms and is nothing out of the ordinary. (Note that currently TradeSmarter platforms do not allow registrants from the United States for paid accounts. If you’re a US investor click here to go to 24Option, which accepts US traders).

Notable Features

Arguably, the most notable feature is the platform’s ability to allow those new at binary options to learn option trading as they go. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips when you go to the trading area on the user interface to trade binary options in real time. You can track your trades, see the market sentiment at a glance for each asset, and see exactly how much you will make or lose with each trade.

If you are looking for roll forward, take profits or other advanced features, you will not find them at this moment with TradeSmarter. The emphasis seems to be to deliver binary options trading that is as efficient and effective as possible to a wide audience.

Room for Improvement

The biggest room for improvement is to incorporate those aforementioned features that other platforms have but this one lacks. This would go a long way to incorporate the user-friendliness and instruction of the platform to a deeper audience of intermediate and advanced traders.

Being able to trade each asset on a larger chart would also be a welcome feature to go along with the other information displayed on the user interface.

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