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TechFinancials is an IT company that creates the financial trading interfaces that are behind websites such as and among many others. This article will cover TechFinancials as a binary options platform and will take a look at how the visual appearance and ease of use (including a basic binary options guide) contribute or hinder binary options trading. We will also review the platform’s notable features and see how it stands apart from the crowd.

Visual Appearance

TechFinancials offers one of the most streamlined user interfaces in terms of appearance. It looks sleek and professional, and there is a minimum of distractions or flashing text get in the way. All of the available assets – and there are a lot of them – are listed one after another down the page, complete with expiry times and current prices.

The buttons do not have words but have pictures and change depending on what trading method you select (OptionFair allows three ways to trade binary options, discussed below). It can be a little tricky to sometimes see at a glance what button does what, so a bit of caution at first is advised before making a trade (and definitely a trip to the online binary options guide).

Ease of Use

Once an option trader learns to navigate the menus and tabs, going back and forth between various trading methods and options, it is pretty simple to trade binary options with Tech Financials platforms. The user interface is basic and straightforward, although it can be difficult to tell what is going on at times – particularly with the Boundary option.

Tech Financials software does have a window to the right on each trading method, though, that walks you through the steps to trading binary options – something of a binary options guide. This is pretty useful when learning how to make use of the three methods that they offer for binary options trading.

Notable Features

This binary options platform offers an option trader a degree of variety not found with some platforms on the market. You have six different binary options types: High/Low; Above/Below; One Touch; High Yield One Touch; Boundary; and High Yield Boundary.

High/Low is just what it sounds like – you are predicting if the asset will be higher or lower than a certain price at expiry. Above/Below options require the trader to determine if the asset will be above or below its current price at expiry. One Touch is an option that pays out if the asset’s price touches a given level at any point during the time period before expiry, regardless of the close price. Finally, Boundary – one of the more difficult ones to use – pays out if the asset’s price is between a minimum and maximum price boundary at expiry. The high yield versions of the last two options simply offer higher payouts for market conditions that are a bit more difficult for the underlying asset to achieve: more risk = more reward.

Room for Improvement

The most glaring room for improvement comes with the lack of extensive charting capabilities for clients to more accurately track the previous trading history of particular assets. Having more detailed graphs for each asset would be a huge improvement, and would further enable multi-tasking traders to cover multiple trades at once in real time.

Also, finding current prices can be a chore. All in all, though, TechFinancials platforms give variety and power to a trader who wants a little more than a basic platform.

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