ParagonEX Binary Option Trading Platform


ParagonEX is a hi-tech company that produces the binary options trading platform that powers uBinary. Through this platform, you can trade forex binary options, stock index options, and options of other types with ease. This article will offer a review of the ParagonEX binary options platform and discuss its visual appearance and ease of use, as well as its notable features that are its main selling points.

Visual Appearance

The first thing to notice about ParagonEX’s platform is its visual appearance. To some option traders, visual appearance is not very important. But to most, a poorly-designed interface can be a nightmare to navigate effectively, especially if it is full of distractions.

The color scheme varies depending on which site you use to trade binary options, but the interface is largely the same. You have access to boxes that contain the vital information for a trade, along with the binary options action buttons. You can change what asset is in each box through a drop-down menu, and can see the contract prices prominently displayed.

There is nothing game-changing about the UI for ParagonEX, but its visual appearance is clean and free from useless widgets and other distractions that hamper your efficiency when you trade binary options.

Ease of Use

ParagonEX’s platform in general is quite easy to use. It integrates well with a broker’s cashier area that allows you to deposit and withdraw funds. Putting money into your account is a snap, and it does not take very long to execute a trade through the system.

It is probably a bit easier to select different assets with ParagonEX’s platform than other binary options trading platforms out there. This is especially handy if you trade forex binary options and want to go back and forth between different currencies to find buying opportunities.

There are concerns with the platform involving options (as explained below), but as a whole, it is nice and easy to use for beginners and novices alike.

Notable Features

ParagonEX’s interface takes a hit when it comes to advanced features like some other popular binary options platforms have. An option trader lacks some of the other notable features, like One Touch options and rolling forward trades. But, it does feature a display that shows you all of your open and closed positions at a glance, which can help if you trade more than one asset at a time throughout the day.

The ease of use is perhaps the platform’s most notable feature. It is a breeze to use and features a no-frills interface that is easily manipulated. Trading forex binary options is made easy because you can switch back and forth between currencies without any hassle.

Room for Improvement

ParagonEX’s platform as a whole lacks some of the more advanced options, and does not feature a lot of customization. It would also be helpful if you could see how much money you have at stake in each trade in the respective trade window.

In general, the ParagonEX platform is for beginners and novices or anyone who wants an easy way to trade traditional binary options online.

Want to test a ParagonEX platform yourself?

Click here to go to uBinary.

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