MarketPunter Binary Broker Review


MarketPunter is Australia’s first and oldest dedicated binary options trading platform. It is based in Sydney and serves customers from all over the world, with the exception of the United States. Based on proven software, the platform is easy to use and offers a wide range of assets, many of which you can’t find on any other binary option platform. If you’re a trader that doesn’t need advanced charting tools, but still want a reliable broker that offers a wide range of assets and competitive payouts, MarketPunter may be for you.

Underlying Assets

MarketPunter lets you trade more than sixty different binary options. Many of the binary options are Australian focused so you can find lesser traded stocks and currencies that you won’t find on any other binary options trading platform. Some of the assets offered are:
• Stocks – Citigroup, Barclays, Vodafone, BP, RBS, Rolls-Royce, HSBC, Newcrest Mining, Macquarie Group and more.
• Indices – FTSE, Dow Jones, S&P, CAC, and MICEX
• Currencies – all major currency pairs and a few others, including the NZD/USD
• Commodities – oil, gold, natural gas, platinum, copper, and silver


MarketPunter is powered by a clean, easy to use, web-based platform. It runs off of TradeSmarter software, which powers several other high quality brokers. Because they use a large software provider, the price quotes at MarketPunter are reliable. It’s also fair, transparent, and regulated. The real time chart is also very intuitive, but traders that use an option trading strategy based on technical analysis might be a little put off by the small size and lack of tools in the platform.

One great part of trading with MarketPunter is that you can see how other traders are trading in real time. Every asset has a bar below that will show the number of puts and calls that have sold for a given security.

Unique Features

The biggest advantage to opening an account with MarketPunter is that you will be able to trade forex binary options, or any other option 24 hours a day. While you still can only trade each security while the market it trades in is open, the wide amount of securities offered by MarketPunter means there is always a market open somewhere for you to trade. With stocks and commodities in Australia, Asia, Europe, and America, you’ll never get bored no matter what time of the day you usually trade.

With MarketPunter, you can also get free training and support to help you become a more profitable trader. However, the amount of trading and support that you can get depends on the amount of money that you deposit.

Deposit Methods

MarketPunter offers all the normal deposit methods that are available at most binary brokers. You can deposit via:
• Major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diner’s Club
• Electronic funds transfer
• Moneybookers
Withdrawals are made through the same method that you deposited and are processed quickly.

Payouts and Commissions

With MarketPunter, you will never be charged a commission for your account or for deposits or withdrawals. Payouts can be as high as 81% for winning trades and you can usually collect 10% of your money back on losing trades.

As always, remember that these are headline amounts and that the actual amount a winning trade receives can be much less depending on market conditions.


For traders that don’t need charting tools for technical analysis and just want jump quickly into binary options trading, MarketPunter can be a great broker. Other traders may find the web platform a little bit limiting to determine trends. MarketPunter also offers a wider variety of options in more time zones than most binary options brokers, which will give traders action no matter what time of the day or night they are active. This all makes MarketPunter a great broker for non-technical traders.

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