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AnyOption is software company that designed the binary options platform that powers The platform, unlike some others, is proprietary to and is incorporated seamlessly into the binary options trading interface. This article will review the AnyOption trading platform and evaluate its visual appearance, ease of use, notable features, and room for improvement as a dedicated binary options trading platform.

Visual Appearance

Looks matter to a binary options platform, and AnyOption is no exception. Better appearances result in better trading experiences for many different practical reasons, especially accessibility. AnyOption has a very clean user interface, free of distracting widgets and clutter. The blue, white, and yellow color scheme is nice and simple, and everything is easy to see – a big plus to an option trader who may be tracking several trades at once.

The binary options are displayed in box format across the screen, giving you several looks at a glance. There are also two news boxes in the lower right-hand corner with breaking news headlines and a forex calendar for forex options trading. All in all, the visual appearance is satisfying.

Ease of Use

AnyOption as a platform and as a binary options broker are among some of the easiest platforms and brokers to use. You simply click on “Call” or “Put” (or “Up” or “Down”) and you can register a trade in seconds. Plus, it is pretty easy to deposit money – you can access that feature from the same page as the rest of your trades.

Simplicity is the main draw of AnyOption as a binary options trading platform. Those looking for a system that is easy to use, with few hassles, and devoid of distractions should take a look at AnyOption.

Notable Features

AnyOption offers several notable features. Like most other platforms these days, AnyOption offers a One Touch option feature that allows an option trader to profit with up to 380% return if the asset hits the strike price at least once before expiry.

AnyOption also allows you to take your profit or roll it forward to a new trade, which can further help you manage your assets inindex option trading or other types of binary options. This way, you can either lock in your profits or extend your trading session further.

One of AnyOption’s newer trading features is called Option Plus (or Option+). This innovative new feature allows you to sell an asset at any time without waiting for the option’s expiry. This is particularly useful in forex option trading, since currencies fluctuate quickly and getting out while in the money can normally be difficult.

Room for Improvement

AnyOption is weak on alerts and timers that some other trading platforms have. It also could use more integrated financial information, instead of merely breaking news headlines. The forex economic calendar is nice, though, and an example of useful information on the main screen.

As far as simplicity goes, AnyOption is one of the easiest binary options platforms for an option trader to use on the market today.

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