New Polish Gambling and Trading Regulations

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on May 22, 2017 at 10:34 am

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On April 1st, new Polish gambling laws came into force. The government reviewed the Polish Gambling Act and introduced a series of amendments. As stated by the, the law aims to increase the protection of the local players against the risks connected with an excessive gambling activity. Additionally, an important goal is to combat the fraud and unlicensed gambling market.

Government increases control over the gambling industry

New law finally extended the list of the officially permitted online gambling games. Before the adoption of the amendments, only online betting and also online promotional lotteries were recognized by the authorities. Fortunately, now all sorts of online gambling games have obtained a legal status, including poker, online casinos and bingo.

However, there is one point in the new Polish gambling regulations which made the majority of operators quite frustrated. The government has significantly enhanced its monopoly on the Polish gambling industry. Initially, only cash lotteries and telebingo games were subject to the state’s monopoly Totalizator Sportowy. It seems now that the Polish government is not going to stop at this point, maybe they will even touch binary brokers. The whole online gaming sector, excluding online betting and promotional lotteries, is going to be in the hands of the authorities. This, in turn, means that the international operators will lose their advantage in the Polish market. Without the Polish license, all other bookmakers will be considered unauthorized.

Although holding land-based poker tournaments now will no longer be an issue in the country, there are some nuances worth mentioning. First of all, to be deemed eligible, the tournaments must obtain the necessary license and/or file a notification. Secondly, they must be arranged solely outside the casinos. As for the online poker, it falls entirely under the purview of the state monopoly. Another notable disappointment for private gambling operators.

New Polish Gambling and Trading Regulations

Measures against unlicensed operators

In order to ensure the safety of the Polish punters, the government is going to undertake drastic measures against unlicensed operators. By July 1 in 2017, the Polish government will pass the bill that allows blocking IP and payments for any unlicensed operators within the country.

From April 1st, it is completely forbidden to possess and exploit any slot machines without receiving a license beforehand.

Advertisement of gambling

Until the new regulations, advertising any form of gambling was considered to be an illegal activity. Now operators with valid Polish license are given the right to conduct different forms of commercials. However, it is strictly banned to do any promotion of the banking services on the online betting websites.

No changes in taxation for now

A disputable 12% turnover tax in the Polish gambling market was not touched in the new edition of the gambling act. The issue of taxation is going to be addressed at the future government meeting.

We remind that the current turnover tax is generally perceived quite negatively by the betting operators and Remote Gambling Association. The tax simply discourages from any attempts to apply for the Polish betting license.

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