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BinaryOptionsNow | Published on June 12, 2016 at 11:49 am

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Keystock forex broker was created and is managed by Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services SA. Their license was granted by Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (H.C.M.C). Their regulation is under the MIFID law.

Now while Keystock’s regulation dictates how they store their money, unfortunately it does not ensure they treat you fairly or provide quality service.

Read our Keystock review to find out whether or not this broker is really the Keystock scam.

Keystock Customer Service Review

In our opinion you, the customer, are the blood of any business. You are the reason it is able to survive and you should be taken care of because you are essential to a business’ succes.

It seems Keystock’s opinion differs from our own because is if it did not then they would treat their clients with more respect and care.

They would be willing to answer questions in a polite and friendly tone instead of giving the impression that you are a nuisance.

If this type of attitude was only coming from one customer service agent then it would not be a problem however it seems all or at the very least majority of the  customer service agents have been instructed to treat customers like nuisances rather than assets to the company’s success

Whether it is email, live chat or worse over the telephone, Keystock’s customer service agents are rude, unhelpful and extremely discourteous.

KeyStock Accounts Review

KeyStock Accounts Review

Keystock has three account options to choose from and these are:

  • Mini
  • Standard
  • Exclusive


The Keystock broker’s minimum deposit is quite high at $1000. What makes this worse is that the the features offered by Keystock are actually dreadful when compared to that of other forex brokers.

The first account which requires a minimum deposit of $1000 is the mini account. It offers the least features out of all of their three accounts. When you register for the Mini account feature, you are provided with Daily Briefing & Research, Desktop & Tablet & Mobile Trader, Video Tutorials, 24/5 Customer Service, Webinars & Seminars and a “Dedicated” Account Manager.

The second account option is the Standard option which requires a minimum deposit of $5000. This account offers all the features of the Mini account along with SMS & News Signals.

The final option is the Exclusive account which requires a minimum deposit of $20,000. This option offers all the features of the Standard account as well as Daily Analysis and Premium Customer Support.

Besides the ridiculously high minimum deposit for Keystock’s accounts, there is also the fact that a number of the account features which are promised are either not not actually available or perform poorly.

Keystock’s discourteous customer service agents were mentioned before and they deserve another mention again. The Keystock forex broker promises its Exclusive account holders Premium Customer Support however from our experience; their Premium Customer Support is as distasteful as their regular support.

Actually it is worse because the minimum deposit for an Exclusive account is $20,000 and when you pay that much money and you are treated poorly, you can not help but be angry.

Keystock will rip you off and leave you poorer rather than richer.

KeyStock Review of the Platform

KeyStock Review of the Platform

Keystock offers three platforms for you to use and trade. However you should be aware that all three of Keystock’s trading platforms fall short in terms of innovativeness and efficiency.

The three underperforming platforms which Keystock offers are:

  • Meta Trader 4/ MT4
  • Web Trader
  • Mobile Trader

KeyStock Scam Review

Many other brokers utilize platforms such as these but it is a mystery to us why the Keystock broker’s platforms perform so poorly.

The MT4 trader is the most popular in the financial world and is used namely because of its power and speed. However the MT4 trader available to Keystock account holders performs disgracefully in comparison to others.

This is made even more insulting because of their minimum deposit is far higher than that of other forex brokers.

Keystock seems to be more of a rip off than anything else.

KeyStock Review Conclusion

The Keystock forex broker’s minimum deposit is extremely high in comparison to other great brokers. Not only are their prices extremely high but their services pale in comparison to those brokers as well. You should do yourself a favour and find another broker. Stay away from the Keystock scam.

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