KeyOption Review

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on June 9, 2016 at 5:41 pm

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KeyOption binary broker likes to say they are “on the cutting edge of binary options.” We’ve done some digging and turns out they are claiming to be far more than they really are.

Ownership of KeyOption belongs to Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services S.A. Their location is at 6 Dragatsaniou Street, 7th Floor, 10559 Athens, Greece. They have two phone numbers. Their British phone number is +44-20-37694113 and their phone number in Italy is +39-064-5226930.

Read our KeyOption review  to find out if this company should actually be called the KeyOption scam rather than a cutting edge binary broker.

KeyOption Review


KeyOption Customer Support

The KeyOption broker offers its clients customer support through email and telephone. They seem to have a number of different email addresses for different departments/issues. They have one for affiliates, one for payment processing, and one for verification and so on.

KeyOption Customer Support

This idea is a good one. Separate the tasks/issues and have them dealt with separately. When executed well, this can reduce response time and make customer support more effective.

Your complaints are addressed promptly and you are left satisfied.

The problem with this is that KeyOption does not seem to be carrying out this idea very well.

Their response times are slow which is very frustrating especially if there is a payment issue and you need your money. Do you think it is fair to be left waiting for a week when that issue should have been sorted out in hours or at most in one day?

The other issue is the absence of a live chat. Not every broker or company website has a live chat feature but ones that do and use it well, see an improvement in client satisfaction because clients have their issues rectified quickly..

KeyOption is far from cutting edge.

But we have only covered their poor customer service so far. Read the rest of our KeyOption review to find out what other disappointments are in store if you register with them.

KeyOption Accounts Review

KeyOption offers 4 different types of accounts.

They are:

  • Micro
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Deluxe

KeyOption Accounts Review

Currently the minimum deposit for a Micro account is $500 and it caps at $999. That is a high minimum deposit and for such a little features. You only receive under 150 tradeable assets, access to their disappointing trading platform, access to their almost useless academy and daily market reviews which leave you worse than before.

But are their other options better?


The Standard option has a minimum deposit of $1000 and it stops at $1999. This account offers you all of the disappointing features of the Micro account along with an “expert-guided” training tutorial and 1 month access to trading-central signals. Only a month? KeyOption continues to find ways to rip you off.

It only gets more expensive and disappointing as it goes on.

The Premium account has a minimum deposit of $2000 and it stops at $4999. Unfortunately you receive all the features of the Standard account except instead of one month of trading-central signals, you receive 3 months of it. You also get weekly access to someone who claims to be a trading specialist and alerts and assistance which should help you prepare for special market events but do no such thing.

The final option is the Deluxe option and the minimum deposit is $5000 without any maximum. It is supposed to be an upgrade from the other accounts but given that the features offered are of the same poor quality.

It is not.

However instead of weekly access to a so called trading specialist, you get unlimited access to him/her. You also get unlimited access to the trading central-signals, limited risk trades and supposed risk management guidance training.

The Deluxe option seems to be the best option out of all four but even the best broken car is still a broken car.

Again the KeyOption binary broker fails to impress and live up to their claims.

KeyOption Review of the Platform

But what about their platforms you may ask.

A  trading platform is important and can mean the difference between profit and loss. After all, you trade to earn. Not to lose.

The KeyOption broker only offers a web-based platform which is good because it doesn’t require a download. However their platform is confusing and highly inefficient. You would spend more time trying to figure it out than using it to trade. It is a complete waste of time.

KeyOption Review Conclusion

The KeyOption binary broker claims to be “on the cutting edge of binary options.” But in reality, they are far from cutting edge. They may not be the KeyOption scam but they are neither worth your time nor money and they are not in our the best binary brokers list.


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