Recent IPOs Of The World to Watch

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on October 10, 2014 at 9:00 am

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BinaryOptionsNow – Initial Public Offering, also called stock market launch is a kind of public offering. The shares of company shall be sold to institutional investors. The institutional investors sell them to general public by exchanging securities. When this selling process happens for the first time, it is called Initial Public Offering. A private company is transformed into a public company. IPO is basically the first sale of shares of a company which is privately owned initially. It turns into a public one after selling its shares to general public. The private companies try to get funds from public by selling their shares.

Globally, there are about 8 Internet companies in the IPO market to have reached $1 billion and more in the recent past. Also in the upcoming months, the number might reach 13 which is a 63% increase.

Here is a list of IPO that recently recently launched and you should keep your eye one. If you these assets interest you contact one of our recommend binary options broker to have them list the asset.


Zalando, which is expected to enter the market on September 29th, initially began as an European version of Zappos. With time it has emerged as the largest online fashion retailer of Europe. Currently based in Germany, the company had $ 1.8 billion revenue in the fiscal year 2013 which is up by 57% compared to its previous year‚Äôs revenue.


Ceres is a company based in China. It currently has 590,000 shares. The estimated date to start trading is 22nd of October, 2014. People from many countries have shown interest in investing in this stock.

GMO Research

GMO Research, a Japan based company with 452,400 shares is planning to trade from 21st of October, 2014.This company specializes in various internet related technologies including web infrastructure and E-commerce.

Rocket Internet

Rocket Internet is a German based company with 37,880,000 shares. It is estimated to enter the market by 10th of October, 2014. It is one of the largest E-Commerce companies which are also into capital firms and start-up incubators. Rocket Internet was founded in the year 2007. The company grabbed its popularity by investing in companies like Groupon, Facebook, Ebay, Linkedin, etc.

Ledermann Immobilien AG

Ledermann Immobilien AG is an organization based in Switzerland. It is involved in real estate. It currently owns and manages several communities. Ledermann Immobilien AG was founded in the year 1979 by Mr Urs Ledermann. They are also involved in long term optimization investment and in renewal properties.


XXL ASA is a Norway based company and is estimated to start trading by 8th of October, 2014. It is a sports retailer. According to recent release, the company is planning to sell shares worth $1.36. The current owner Dolphin and other partners have said that XXL ASA is planning to sell 15 to 31 million shares through the upcoming IPO.

Huaxi Holdings

Huaxi Holdings is a Hong Kong based company with 75,000,000 shares. It is into sale of cigarette related packaging material. The company is currently situated in Cayman Islands.

La Chappelle

La Chappelle is also a Hong Kong based company. It is estimated to start trading by 9th of October, 2014. It has 121,579,000 shares. La Chappelle is a fashion store. According to a recent release, the company has around 5,000 stores.

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