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BinaryOptionsNow | Published on April 7, 2013 at 1:48 pm

AnyOption review

BinaryOptionsNow – Renowned binary options broker AnyOption announced the release of a new and innovative binary options type called Binary 0-100. The new options trading type will give traders the possibility to cash in very large profits during very short time frames.

AnyOption Adds New Option Trading Type

Apart from the regular binary option types available at AnyOption, traders will from now on also be able to trade a completely new type of option called Binary 0-100. The option type was developed having advanced traders in mind who are ready to risk a bit more in order to gain extremely large profits.

In this type of options trading, the broker will generate certain “events” (such as the price of an asset will be higher or lower at a certain time than a previously established value) that traders will be able to trade on them. The buying or selling price related to these events will change in real time based on what’s the most likely outcome of the events.

In Binary 0-100 winnings aren’t decided using traditional and previous established payout rates. The final payout in case of a successful trade will depend on the price of the chosen option. As said, this price will constantly change based on real time market data.

The value of an options contract will always be between 0-100 (hence the name of the option). After choosing the desired option, traders will have to decide on the number of contracts purchased. Consider the below example to better understand how it works:

-An option proposes that the price of oil will be above $100 at 20:00 today
-Traders can either buy (predict that the event will happen) or sell
(predict that the event will not happen)
-The price of the option is $30 (a value of 30)
-The trader decides to purchase 10 contracts

Based on the above, the total price of the trade is $300. If the trader loses, then the $300 will be lost.

The winning however will be calculated based on the remainder of the value of the option. Since in this case the option had a value of 30, the remainder is 70. As such, the final payout will be the remaining value multiplied with the number of contracts purchased. In this case it’s 70 * 10 which is 700 or $700.

As such, in this case the payout rate was 233,3%. This is the reason why the new AnyOption speed trading option type is able to easily offer extremely high payout rates.

About AnyOption

Binary 0-100 - Dynamic Return Binary Options - anyoption - binaryoptionsnow

AnyOption is one of the largest binary options brokers on the market.The company offers traders the possibility to trade on various types of options such as regular high/low options and more advanced one-touch options. The broker also offers an option type called Option+ that allows traders to receive up to 15% of the invested money back in case of unsuccessful trades.

At this binary options broker traders will be able to trade on multiple assets including mainstream ones such as USD/EUR, USD/GBP, Apple, Google but also various regional and lesser known (but more exciting) assets as well such as Gazprom, NZD/USD, Vodafone, Renault and more.

AnyOption traders can make real money deposits using various credit cards, Moneybookers and wire transfer. Additional payment processors are provided based on the geographic location of the trader. Withdrawals are carried out by the broker within few days after they were requested by the trader.

CLICK HERE to trade  Binary 0-100 with AnytOption

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