AnyOption Begins Offering Trader Sentiment and Winning Trades Data

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on April 7, 2013 at 1:47 pm

AnyOption review

BinaryOptionsNow – Renowned binary options broker AnyOption announced the launch of a new feature that will allow traders to view the latest successful trades performed by other traders as well as evaluate the “trader sentiment” regarding an available option.

The new tool is already available at AnyOption and is meant to increase traders’ success ratio in the binary options business. The
company announced that the addition of this new tool is in line with the company’s overall philosophy of constantly releasing new and innovative technologies.

AnyOption Adds New Line Trading Data Tool

Not so long ago AnyOption revealed that it developed a new trading data tracking tool that was named “LIVE”. The company explained that the new tool is meant to make binary options trading more accessible and transparent to retail clients of the company.

Live trading data - Real time options trading data by anyoption™ - anyoption - binaryoptionsnow

The new tool will allow traders to view in real time all the contracts that are being purchased by other traders. This feature will allow traders to evaluate what is popular at a given moment and which are the trades and decisions that the majority believes to be profitable.

The new tool also displays the top 5 best investors ranked by daily, weekly and monthly performance. Traders will have the possibility to evaluate the past actions performed by these traders in order to be able to get an insight into the decisions taken by them and the thought process behind those decisions.

Evaluating the decisions taken by other professional traders is the best educational tool in the binary options business. Standard guides and strategy articles can only teach the basics of binary options trading. Concrete case studies, such as evaluating the actions performed by professionals, however, can teach traders how to become experts themselves.

The second largest feature of the new tool is the possibility to see what decision most of the traders took regarding an option. Lets imagine a standard high/low option involving EUR/USD; the new system might reveal that during a given moment 80% of traders those “Call”, while only 20% chose “Put”. This means that the popular consensus or  “trader sentiment” as it’s called by the broker favors “Call”.

The trader sentiment feature will offer traders live, real time information that is updated every single second. Naturally, this does not ensure a 100% success ratio, however, it will for sure help traders increase their standard success ratio considerably.

About AnyOption

Binary 0-100 - Dynamic Return Binary Options - anyoption - binaryoptionsnow

AnyOption is a popular binary options broker that offers premier binary options trading services to clients. The broker offers a very large asset selection including a substantial number of stocks, indices, forex currency pairs and commodities. Traders have the possibility to trade different kinds of options such as high/low options, one touch options and more.

A special type of option provided by the company is Option+. This option type allows trader to sell back their option to the broker in
case they believe that the choice made will turn out to be inaccurate. Most other binary options brokers do not offer such a feature.

Another special option type is Binary 0-100. This option type was implemented just recently and will permit traders to profit massively because the payout rates regarding these options are calculated differently than as it’s the case with traditional binary options types.

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