Tradologic Receives Additional Patents for Binary Options Platform

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on March 21, 2013 at 8:48 am

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BinaryOptionsNow – About two months ago renowned binary options trading technology developer TradoLogic announced that it developed a series of tools and features that are at this moment not being offered by any other technology providers. At that time the company also revealed that it would attempt to patent the new tools in order to prevent other technology providers from copying them.

Now, TradoLogic released another statement explaining that its patent application was accepted by European and Japanese authorities. However the patents weren’t yet granted. The applications still have to be evaluated by relevant national agencies before a final decision is taken. However this is mostly a formality from now on considering that the patent requests themselves were already approved.

New Trading Tools Developed by TradoLogic

As mentioned above, TradoLogic recently developed a set of tools and features that are completely new in the options trading industry. These tools were created in order to allow traders to generate more income and more importantly be able to enjoy a better trading experience at their favorite TradoLogic based broker.

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The first new feature on this list is the Extend or Roll Over feature. This tool will allow traders to extend the expiry time of a purchased options contract in case the trader feels that the prediction will not turn out to be correct by the time of the expiry. Another revolutionary new feature is the Close feature that allows traders to close an option and recover some of the bet before the option expires. While both these features are currently offered by SpotOption brands, Tradeologic looks to improve and streamline the whole process

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Yet another helpful feature is the Double feature that allows traders to place a new bet equal to the first bet on an ongoing option in case traders feel that their prediction will be accurate by the time of the expiry. The fourth new feature is called Insurance that will allow traders to purchase an insurance policy that will refund some of the money invested in case a contract expires out of the money.

The Auto-Trade feature allows traders to set a desired profit amount of maximum risk capital amount and let the system automatically execute trades until either one of these is reached. The Parlay Trade tool allows traders to execute three trades at the same time, maximizing the potential profits.

TradoLogic commented that it believes that it’s in its right to protect these tools and prevent other companies from copying them. This is the reason the venture applied for patents on the mentioned tools and features. However the venture admitted that at this moment it’s still considering how to act against technology providers that violate these patents.

About TradoLogic

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TradoLogic is one of the largest and oldest binary options technology developers on the market. The platforms developed by the company are believed to be some of the best performing and most attractive online trading systems offered at this moment on the market.

The company is also one of the fastest growing online trading technology providers on the market. The company managed to become successful due to the many innovations and special features as well as tools it developed in the past.


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