Tradologic Receives Patent for Binary Options Platform Features

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on January 28, 2013 at 12:44 pm

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BinaryOptionsNow –┬áRenowned binary options technology provider TradoLogic explained that it developed a series of tools and innovations that will soon be introduced on its existing trading platforms. However in order to prevent other technology providers from copying the latest innovations developed by the company, TradoLogic applied for a patent that it just managed to successfully obtain.

This way other binary options technology developers will not be able to copy the new kinds of features TradoLogic developed. This will give TradoLogic and binary options brokers that function on the TradoLogic software platform a competitive edge on the market.

New Trading Tools Developed by TradoLogic

One of the new features developed by the company is the so-called “Extend” option. This feature allows traders to extend the expiration time of their purchased options in case they believe that the bet they selected will not turn out to be correct by the time the original deadline expires.

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The second new tool is the “Close” option that will allow traders to cancel a trade in case they believe their initial prediction will turn out to be wrong. In exchange of closing an option, a portion of the initial bet will be repaid to traders.

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Yet another new tool is the “Double” feature that will allow traders to double the bet placed on an option in case they strongly believe that the prediction they made will be accurate. Obviously, in case the prediction will indeed be accurate, the trader will receive double the initially promised payout.

The new “Auto-Trade” feature allows traders to specify a target profit amount and let the system automatically execute the appropriate trades in order to match the desired profit amount. Traders may also set a risk capital preventing the system to continue executing trade in case the trader loses too much.

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The “Insurance” feature allows permits traders to purchase an insurance policy that will pay out in case a bet placed on an option will turn out to be inaccurate. The “Multi-Trade” feature will enable traders to execute 3 trades at the same time, ensuring more profits.

The above mentioned features and tools will from now on become exclusive services offered by TradoLogic and TradoLogic-based binary options brokers.

TradoLogic Binary Options Brokers

One of the brokers that will soon be able to offer the new TradoLogic tools to its clients is XPMarkets. Using the TradoLogic software, the broker offers high-quality binary options trading solutions and services. The broker provides all the popular options types such as regular High/Low Options, Touch Options Range options and even the newer 60 Seconds Options. XPMarkets promises payouts averaging at 81% which is in line with the industry standard. Placing trades is possible on a large variety of assets including commodities, forex currency pairs, indices as well as stocks.

XPMarkets is a binary options broker that was established in 2008, soon after binary options trading became a mainstream financial trading activity. As such, the company is one of the first binary options trading service providers, meaning that it has substantial experience in the business unlike many other recently established brokers.

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