Binary Options Trading Booms in Japan

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on November 25, 2012 at 8:03 am

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BinaryOptionsNow – One of the fastest growing binary options markets on the planet is undoubtedly that of Japan. Just recently a significant number of international financial service providers have decided to launch binary options trading in the country. The emerging popularity of options trading even determined major financial service provider Alpari to launch binary options trading in the country.

The Japanese Binary Options Market

Japan has the fastest growing options trading markets on the planet at this moment. Still, Japanese binary options differ somewhat from traditional binary options that are available in Western countries.

For example, Japanese binary options have two time frames, one being the purchase period (the time period traders are allowed to buy an option) and an observational period (the time frame during which the option cannot be bought anymore).

Japanese brokers also at this moment don’t allow traders to close their positions of options before the time of expiry. It’s small details like these that define the Japanese options market but in its essence Japanese binary options aren’t really different from binary options offered in other countries.

Regulation of Options Trading in Japan

Financial services are regulated in Japan by the Japanese Financial Services Authority and the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission. The Japanese FSA is tasked with monitoring the entire financial system making sure that the securities and exchange market operates under proper conditions.

The Financial Services Authority is aided by the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC), an organization created in 1992. The SESC is tasked with making sure that financial service providers respect the rules and regulations of the country.

The SESC is also the body that investigates violations and possible illegal actions committed by financial service providers. Binary options trading and binary options brokers with Japanese offices fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission.

Japanese Binary Options Brokers

At this moment there are already a significant number of binary options brokers operating on the Japanese market. Most of these are offshore companies that have decided to open a legal office and create a presence in the country.

Smartoption allows Japanese traders to easily open an account and begin trading. Various instructional materials are also provided by the broker in order to teach newcomers the secrets of options trading. The broker also provides a very large selection of tradable assets.

The largest number of assets is in the category of stocks. The list of available stocks was designed in the way to appeal to Japanese traders. The broker offers the possibility to trade binary options on the stocks of multiple Japanese companies.

Trade Rush

Trade Rush is a global binary options broker that recently has also decided to enter the Japanese market. Recently the broker has translated and localized its website and trading platform to Japanese. It had also launched a portfolio of services specially designed to meet the needs of Japanese traders.

Trade Rush is one of the largest brokers on the market and as such it provides a sizeable portfolio of assets. Similar to Smartoption, the largest asset portfolio at Trade Rush is that of stocks. The broker also provides an average payout rate of up to 81% which is very advantageous in the options trading market.

Other Binary Options Brokers

Apart from these large ones there are various other brokers and service provides that have entered the Japanese market or intend to do so in the future. One of these is Alpari that just recently announced its intention to offer binary options trading services in Japan.

Alpari has so far never offered option trading and once it does it will become one of the largest traditional financial service providers on the market to offer this service. Another large financial service provider that recently entered the market is Saxo Bank.

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