Opteck.com Adds Range Binary Options to Platform

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on October 16, 2012 at 4:45 pm

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BinaryOptionsNow – Renowned binary options broker Opteck has just recently decided to add range binary options to its service portfolio. This makes Opteck one of the binary options brokers on the market with the greatest selection of binary option types. Range binary options are at this moment not yet fully embraced by the majority of brokers on the market.

How to Trade Range Binary Options at Opteck

Trading range binary options is very easy at Opteck. After logging into the trading platform used by the broker, traders will be asked to choose the type of the binary option they wish to trade. After this, they will have to choose the underlying asset. Choosing the underlying asset will bring up a panel showing the available binary options in the respective category.

The fields on the panel that displays the offered binary options bets also contain various useful information such as the payout rate promised by the available options and more. On the bottom of each field that displays a binary option, the expiry time of the option is shown as well.

On the very bottom of the trading platform a large graph is displayed that shows the evolution of the underlying asset. Trading boundary options at Opteck is somewhat different than trading the other types of binary options available. In the case of range options, the trade has to be initiated on the actual graph representing the evolution of the asset and not on the mini panel on top of the platform that represents the chosen option.


Overall, Opteck’s trading platform is extremely user friendly and contains many interesting features that considerably speed up traders’ actions. This is because Opteck uses the well-known MarketsPulse binary options trading platform. This platform is known to be one of the most user friendly platforms on the market.

Payout Rates and Available Assets

The newly added range binary options have the best payout rates at Opteck. All available range binary options offer a payout rate of 100%. This means that in case of successful trades, traders’ bet will be doubled. So, in case of a successful $100 trade on a range option, the trader will be awarded with $200.

Unlike at most brokers that offer range options, at Opteck traders are able to trade range options with all of the assets that are being offered by the broker. This offers a very large choice and allows the trader to focus on the asset that he or she likes or understands the most.

What are Range Options?

Range or boundary binary options are an exotic type of binary options that are increasingly becoming popular at many binary options brokers. In a range binary option, an underlying asset has an upper and a lower limit. The trader’s task will be to predict if the price/conversion rate of the underlying asset will stay within the two boundaries or if it will breach one of the boundaries during a certain time frame.

Boundary binary options are more risky than regular types of binary options. The possibility of an incorrect bet is much higher in the case of range binary options because of the two boundaries present. The higher risk is rewarded by the fact that these options are more profitable than others.

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