New Binary Software Provider Forays Into the Industry

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on October 26, 2012 at 2:43 pm

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BinaryOptionsNow – O-Systems is the newest company to be offering binary options trading technology to brokers worldwide. It’s a relatively new technology provider which is reflected by the fact that so far only a handful of brokers have decided to use the software developed by the company. The company provides a full-service technology solution for companies looking to expand into the rapidly growing binary niche.

O-Systems Binary Options Trading Technology

The main product of the company is its binary options trading interface. The great aspect about the trading platform developed by the company is that it’s a full end-to-end solution covering everything a brokerage needs in the binary options business. In order to attract newer brokers and startups, the company even offers a fully operational and branded website to clients.

The only thing startup brokers will have to do is to get the initial capital to invest in their business and provide the customer acquisition and retention. They do not have to spend time building a website and integrating all advanced features this service will be provided by O-Systems itself. Later on, when the broker becomes bigger, it has the possibility to create its own branded website on the O-Systems network.

The trading platform itself is quite impressive. The interface is extremely modern, even compared to some of the biggest and already well-established binary options brokers on the planet. The platform is very user friendly and gives traders the opportunity to trade a large variety of binary options. The platform also supports the new and exotic 60-seconds binary options type.

Apart from these main elements, the software solution of O-Systems also contains a variety of tools brokers can use in order to monitor the activity on their sites. The back Office, for example, has specially been designed to allow brokers to closely watch all actions taken by traders as well as evaluate the state of the whole system itself.

The platform includes a Risk Management system that will enable brokers to monitor their customers’ behavior and the flow of liquidity. This is extended by the data gathered by the CRM (Customer relations management system). All this data will enable brokers to offer better services in order to retain as many newly registered traders as possible.

Dedicated to Innovation and Technology

In order for a newly emerging online trading software company to establish itself it will have to provide top-quality services and constantly strive for innovation. This is exactly what O-Systems is doing. Instead of providing multiple software solutions that require a lot of time and resources to implement by brokers, the company created a product that contains everything brokers need in the binary options business.

Setting up a brokerage using the O-Systems technology is extremely easy. Likewise, the company is constantly working on developing new technology in order to allow brokers using its platform to attain a competitive advantage on the market.
For example, at this moment the company is working on an integrated social trading feature. This feature will naturally be included in the regular O-Systems platform and won’t have to be added separately by brokers and will not have to be downloaded as a separate trading platform by traders.

The O-Systems binary software is still an emerging product on the market. It still remains to be seen if in the future it will manage to attract a large following but looking at the current trends it seems that this is not an unrealistic prediction.

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