Nadex Binary Options and Bull Spreads Trading Reviewed

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on September 23, 2012 at 9:15 am

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BinaryOptionsNow – NADEX is one of the largest and most important US-facing binary options and bull spreads brokers. The broker is officially licensed and supervised by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the official United States governmental organization that is tasked with supervising and regulating futures brokers.

NADEX Binary Options

NAXEX is basically split into two major portfolios: binary options and bull spreads. The first one in this portfolio comprises the binary options services provided; this is also the larger of the two.

NADEX binaries work differently than the binaries offered on most SpotOption, MarketsPulse and other platforms in that traders are buying actual contracts with rates of return that vary as the underlying asset’s value increases and decreases. NADEX makes its money from charging commissions when contracts are bought and sold and expire in-the-money and not as a market maker.

NADEX also has an extremely large selection of assets. Traders can trade binary options on indices, forex and commodities – but no stocks. If you’re looking to trade binaries on stocks, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Bull Spreads

Bull spreads are the second category of trading services offered by NADEX. The bull spread product is basically a way to earn from the amount of pips a specific underlying asset has increased (or decreased) in value while having your potential losses and/or earnings capped by preset floor and ceiling rate.

So, for example, if you purchase one “Buy” contract on the EUR/USD 1.2930 – 1.3030 (2PM) bull spread when the EUR/USD is trading at 1.2988, this means that you will earn $1 for each pip the EUR/USD increases up to 1.3030 OR you will lose $1 for every pip the EUR/USD decreases down to 1.2930 – depending on what the value of the EUR/USD is at the expiry of 2 PM.

NADEX provides a fairly large selection of these contracts but still fewer than in the case of binary options. Bull spreads contracts can be purchased by NADEX with expiry times as much as two days or as little as just two hours.

The bull spreads available at NADEX offer a viable alternative to those traders who find binary options too simple and prefer to increase the potential return (and risk!) on an investment on an underlying asset. Bull spreads trading also allows traders to know exactly how much they could potentially win and/or lose up front which is helpful.

Platform Look and Feel

NADEX provides an extremely easy to use platform. A completely new trader will have a very easy time learning all the options and possibilities offered by this broker. The biggest strength of the platform available at NADEX is the extensive charting possibilities.

The platform offers a very large selection of charting tools such as filters that allow traders to create customized charts. One might say that the charts are a little bit advanced and possibly a bit too complicated to newly registered traders.
However learning to use them is very easy since they were constructed in the way to be very intuitive. The same is also valid for the whole platform. Navigation is very simple due to the rational way every menu item and feature has been positioned.

Demo Account

The best way to get an objective opinion about the services offered by NADEX is to create a free demo account. Creating such an account allows traders to try out all the trading options and features available without having to make a real money deposit first.

The NADEX demo account is only be available for a limited time but the days it’s available are enough for traders to completely evaluate everything. After this, a trader has the option to switch to a real money account by making a deposit of at least $100.

Regulation and Licensing

NADEX is a genuine US binary options broker that is licensed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). This means that NADEX has been independently tested and it has been determined that the services it provides respect various standards and trader protection rules.

Deposits and Withdrawals

NADEX accepts deposits made by E-Checks and wire transfer. These are the only two options available but to be honest these are also the two most serious payment tools when it comes to online trading. Sure, other brokers regulated binary brokers might also offer various other tools but these two are the most popular and also most professional in the business.


Based on the large portfolio of services provided, it can be said with ease that NADEX is one of the top regulated binary brokers in the US. It provides both binary options and bull spreads as well as an amazing platform complemented with extensive charting possibilities.

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