Banc de Binary Releases iPhone & Android Trading Apps for the Mobile Trader

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on June 22, 2012 at 5:41 pm

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BinaryOptionsNow – Given the meteoric rise in the popularity of binary options trading, it was only a matter of time before traders could trade binary options on various mobile platforms. Banc de Binary has taken a huge stride in realizing and catering to the needs of this market by introducing their own binary options trading apps for the popular iPhone and Android platforms. These apps are available at no charge and can be directly downloaded from iTunes and the Google Play Store respectively.

Binary Options Trading App Review

The apps for trading binary options on iPhone and Android are both well designed by focusing on the requirements of the user and making the apps as easy to use as possible. Irrespective of which mobile platform you use, you will find the apps a very convenient method of trading binary options, especially when you are on the move and don’t have access to your computer.

By using this mobile app, users no longer have to trade from some other computer while traveling. Not only does this increase the security of your trading account, it also makes trading extremely quick and effortless. In fact, the apps are designed in such a way that you can complete a trade in a matter of seconds. This allows you to benefit in a fast moving market where every second counts.

The trading apps for Android and iPhone provide all the functionalities that you get in a regular trading platform. This includes live charts for every underlying asset that is available for trading. Not only do the apps allow you to trade as usual, you can also deposit funds in your trading account using the app, if you feel the need to do so. The universal login mechanism implemented by Banc de Binary for its web based platform and these apps means that any action performed on one platform is instantly reflected in the other platform. The syncing happens behind the scenes and you don’t need to worry about it.

Leverage the Power of Mobility in Trading

We all receive various pieces of information at different times and different places. Some of this information can be used to make a profitable trade if only you could execute the trade at the moment you receive the information. This wasn’t possible until the launch on binary options trading apps. With these apps, you can put any piece of useful information to good use by instantly executing trades. This ability alone is powerful enough to put you head and shoulders above most of the other traders giving you a distinct advantage in your trading activities.

Why Banc de Binary?

Banc de Binary has established itself as one of the leading binary options brokers in the world. The launch of these apps to allow trading on mobile platforms is a clear indication of Banc de Binary’s commitment to providing highly effective trading solutions to its customers.

The company’s CEO, Oren Laurent regularly interacts with online traders to answer their queries and understand their requirements. In a recently concluded interaction with traders, Laurent answered wide ranging questions which addressed issues like safety, regulation. He also touched upon what the future for binary options trading could be like while accepting that the future could see the availability of extremely short duration (as low as 5 minutes) binary trading options.

The launch of the new binary options trading apps for Android and iPhone and the willingness of the CEO of Banc de Binary to interact with traders regularly, points to a company which cares about its customers. It would do options traders a world of good if the rest of the options brokers followed this example and focused on providing their clients the tools required to be successful in binary options trading.

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