BESTDirect Online Trading Platform Review

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on May 26, 2012 at 4:38 pm

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BinaryOptionsNowNote: On July 9th, 2012, the National Futures Association shut down PFGBest following reports that the firm had lost track of over $200 million of clients funds that were supposed to be in a segreated account. For more information on this developing stroy, click here.

Being successful in binary trading requires the right tools, and if you are looking for an online trading platform to use, you may consider the BESTDirect from PFG Best. PFG Best is among the most reliable online trading platform programmers that provide the best products for American binary options brokers. PFG Best is based in the United States and has been in the industry since 1980. It is primarily known as a regulated and independent broker. PFG Best has advanced parallel with technology and thus was able to create trading platforms for traders who primarily transact online. Their products are used in more than 80 countries around the world.

BESTDirect Online Trading Platform Overview

The BESTDirect Online Trading Platform is just one among the several platforms created by PFG Best. It is designed to provide an efficient tool for regulated binary trading. If you rely heavily on online forex, futures, options, and binary options trading, the BESTDirect online trading platform is worth considering. The BESTDirect offers professional grade features that keep your trading in order. Using it will give you access to real-time charts for your selected contracts, price ladders and depth of market. It has all the necessary tools to help you bring your trading skills to a higher plane.

The BESTDirect Features

In summary, the BESTDirect Online platform is simple, fast and reliable. The platform is designed for various trading styles and works well for getting binaries and equities, and forex options. The BESTDirect is easy to operate especially if you are placing orders. It has advanced features that do not get in your way when you want to enter orders. This way, your trading becomes quicker and more efficient.

The BESTDirect provides different options to place your forex, option trades or your futures. These can all be found in a single window where you can see all orders, place a trade, get quotes, and view positions. The BESTDirect is also capable of DOM trading style as well as order replacement from strategy DOM. You do not need to clutter your desktop with some features that you do not find useful. This feature is simply smart.

Another thing that is worth noticing is the platform’s capability to determine risks. This helps online traders and US binary brokers reduce the risks involved in online trading. This feature works just before you execute your trades and thus guarantees low-risk online trading. This feature is added in accordance with the PFG Best’s policy on risk management that specifically targets customer and broker risk.


The BESTDirect platform covers equities binary options, forex, options and futures. To be able to optimize the use of the platform if you want to trade in these different areas, all you have to do is to create an account for each.  To open new accounts, you can call their customer service representative.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is part of the services offered by PFG Best, making this aspect worth looking into.  There are numerous reports that their account executives are reachable anytime.  They offer assistance up to a personal level, making you feel like you have one dedicated partner who walks you through the whole online trading process using BESTDirect.

Customer service representatives are quick to respond if you are having trouble or there is something that you do not understand about BESTDirect.  We can conclude that their team of account executives are experienced, well trained, and are adept with the technicalities of the platform.  And on top of that, their excellent customer service comes free of charge.

Trading Hours

Because BESTDirect is an online platform, there are no limitations as to when you will trade.  As long as your computer is on, you can trade. The success of your trade depends on your judgement as to when to execute the trade. And since the platform gives information about the changes in the market, you will always make an educated and well informed decision. That eliminates risks and improves chances of success.


The BESTDirect online trading platform is perfect for US binary brokers, forex and other traders who already have some online trading experience as well as for individuals who are relatively new to the trade.  The platform tools are simple and the customer service is great.  There is no reason not to consider BESTDirect if you are planning to use an online trading platform for the purpose of making your trade easier.

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