Review of Binary Options Signals and Signals Services

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on April 12, 2012 at 10:14 am

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BinaryOptionsNow – It’s important to become well acquainted with the details of the financial markets one is interested in trading in order to avoid committing hard earned funds to financial assets one is not well informed about. For those looking to skip the learning sessions necessary to become a well-versed trader, there are other options, namely making trades according to trading signals services.

Binary Options Trading Signals

Investors interested in binary options have several different trading signals service providers to choose from in this new, but rapidly growing market. The majority of the service providers are traders or teams of traders who employ their own trading systems to enter into profitable trades in the forex, stocks and commodities markets. Typically, the vast majority of binary options signals providers issue trading signals for forex binary options although many also trade the stocks and indices markets.

Many binary options trading signals providers charge a monthly or bi-weekly subscription fee and issue trading signals a few times times a day or a few times per week, depending on how the underlying asset markets are trading.

The signals are typically delivered via email, SMS or chat (Skype, MSN, yahoo messenger, etc.) via an automated system once certain market conditions are met for the underlying asset in question. Once issued, the signals are typically valid for a certain period of time while the markets conditions are still being met.

The most important factor for determining the worth of a binary options signals service is the success rate of the signals they issue. The success rate in this case refers to how often the signals they issue result in a profitable trade. The easiest way to determine a signals service’s success rate is to view their previous performance over months prior and calculate how often their signals result in trades in the green.

Typically, a success rate above 70% is excellent; anything above 75% is exceptional and very rare so make sure you check the rate a few times to verify its accuracy. Try to make sure that the signals provider is able to supply evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that they are able to maintain the success rates that they claim, including screenshots of trading accounts with the profitable trades in the trading history. A success rate below 60% may not be worth paying a monthly or bi-weekly subscription for since a rate that low will not give you much an edge in your trading.

Below you will find a brief review of some of the binary options trading signals services available on the Internet:

This website allows subscribers to watch high quality live stream of professional traders on a daily basis and learn from them by watching them trade. They also allow you to watch live trading from your phone. You can observe one session every trading day from 10:00 AM through 2:00 PM EST, with a break during the lunch. They typically trade forex binary options – specifically EUR/USD – and claim up to a 80% winning rate certain months, which is quite high. They offer multiple signals every day, so you can have a few opportunities to increase your account balance. The subscription fee is $97 for every 2 weeks, so those interested should calculate that they need to make at least that much every two weeks in order to cover the costs of the service. Click here to visit

This is one of the first binary options signals service on the Internet and claims around a 72.5% accuracy rate with its signals. They typically trade forex binary options as well, although they vary the currency pairs they trade and don’t just stick with EUR/USD. The signals are delivered via email the second they are triggered. The thing that’s great about BinaryOptionsProSignals is that they offer a super low initial price: $7 for 7 days AND they offer a 60-day money back guaranteed offer. Click here to visit


Remember that trading according to signals does not guarantee success, it only helps augment your successful trade ratio. It’s still crucial to know how to manage your money, how to select and implement a trading strategy and stick with it and when to take your profits and when to stop your losses. Good luck!

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