Trading Binary Options on the Weekends

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on January 26, 2012 at 9:31 am

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BinaryOptionsNow – One of the biggest advantages to adding binary options to your portfolio of financial investments is that you can trade them on the weekends when the majority of global markets are closed. This is because many binary brokers offer all-or-nothing digital options on stock and indices that are open for trading on Sundays.

While it is possible to place trades on the weekends with traditional stock brokers, these after-hours trades are only executed when trading reopens on Mondays, so one is not actually entering and exiting trades on the weekends. This is not the case with binaries. Since some stock exchanges, mostly in the Middle East, are open on Sundays – the week runs from Sunday-Thursday in some of these countries and Saturday to Wednesday in others – traders can actively enter and exit binary trades on Sundays when trading underlying assets traded on these exchanges.

There are many different binary brokers and indexes that do offer trading on the weekends; you just have to know where to look.

Trading Indices on the Weekends

There are several index binary options that allow trading on the weekends. The three major markets that you can trade on the weekends include:

  1. The Tel Aviv 25 Index: The Tel Aviv Exchange is the only market for securities trading in the state of Israel. The index is composed of the top 25 companies in the exchange by market capitalization.
  2. DFM Index: The DFM Index is based off of the stock exchange in Dubai, and one of the three major stock exchanges in the United Arab Emirates. It has a $360 billion total market capitalization.
  3. Tadawul Index: The Tadawul is the only stock exchange in Saudi Arabia and lists 144 different publicly traded companies.
  4. Kuwait Stock Exchange Index (KSEIDX): Established in 1962, this is the stock index for the national Kuwaiti stock exchange that features Kuwaiti banks, insurance companies, real estate companies and investment firms.

If your broker offers options on any of these indices, they can be traded nearly the entire weekend, when the markets are open.

Stocks to Trade on the Weekends

Stocks that are listed on the markets listed above can also be traded on the weekends. Unfortunately, not many of the companies listed on these exchanges are offered as underlying assets on binary contracts that are offered by binary brokers.

The one exception to this is Teva Pharmaceutical. Teva is a worldwide health company that is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Many brokers will offer them for trading weekend options in addition to the indices above.

Binary Brokers that Allow Weekend Trading

There are also several binary brokers that allow weekend trading. These brokers generally offer Up/Down or Above/Below binaries with 30 minute to one hour expiries. A larger number of brokers sell touch binary options during a set period on the weekend with an expiry the following Friday. It’s not the same excitement as trading options with an hour long closing time but it does give you the possibility for big returns if you can accurately guess price movements.

  1. BBinary
  2. TradeRush
  3. CitiTrader
  4. TradeSmarter

One Touch Options

The one touch binary options these brokers offer are options that pay out once the price of the underlying asset hits a certain mark. So if the price of the asset that you have hits the target price, whether it stays there or not, the option is in the money and you get the value of the trade.

The investment amount that you use for touch options can vary wildly and will depend on the broker that you use. Most allow anything from minimum trades of a few dollars to maximum trades of a few hundred. Payouts also vary depending on the broker, but this week-long option usually pay significantly more than hourly or daily options – usually in the 500% range.The major underlying assets are offered for weekend trading. The EUR/USD exchange rate is a certain at most brokers, and other major currencies, indices, and commodities may also be offered.

If you love trading binary options, but also want to trade on the weekends, there are many options for you to trade when markets are closed in the US and Europe. You can trade stocks and indices that are traded on Middle Eastern exchanges that are open during the weekends and also with brokers that offer after hours trading on week-long touch binary options.

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