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BinaryOptionsNow | Published on December 6, 2011 at 10:18 am

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BinaryOptionsNow – For those of who don’t already know, Banc de Binary offers a 100% deposit bonus to their traders who decide to invest in online binary options with this well-known brokerage. However, many beginning traders do not fully understand how these deposit bonuses function with options brokers.

In this article, we will review and explain the conditions and advantages of accepting options broker bonuses – specifically examining Banc de Binary‘s 100% Deposit Bonus offer.

Terms & conditions

The basic premise of a trading bonus is that it gives a trader an added boost in his or her ability to trade profitable by allowing him or her to invest larger sums and, thus in theory, gain higher returns.

BBinary go above and beyond most options brokers – that typically offer bonuses from 20-30% of one’s deposit amount – by offering a huge 100% deposit bonus to their traders.

This exceptional 100% bonus offers you the possibility of essentially doubling your trading account balance. However, there are some conditions one must meet in order to be eligible to receive this binary options trading bonus.

The first condition is that your deposit must be equal to or greater than $500. So, if you decide to invest $500 in binary options with BBinary, you’ll be able to trade with $1000. Keep in mind that accepting all bonuses is optional and traders are under no obligation take the bonuses. However, once a bonus has been issued to a BBinary trader, it may not be returned or removed.

Bbinary also offers additional bonuses such as “No Deposit Bonuses” (also called Rebate Bonuses) for VIP Accounts, which are bonuses based on a percentage of the trader’s trading volume. In other words, the more you trade, the higher your rebate bonus.

Note: Micro trading accounts are not eligible for bonuses.

Deposit Bonus or Re-deposit Bonuses?

A common mistake among new traders is the belief that one can benefit from these bonuses only on the first deposit. That is not the case.

Banc de Binary trading bonuses are also given on all refunded trades and on deposits beyond just the first deposit. This broker also offers bonuses on all subsequent deposits.

Withdrawal requirements

In order to ensure that traders will actually use the bonuses to trade, and not simply withdraw them as soon as they’re issued, BBinary requires a minimum turnover before allowing the trader to withdraw profits attained using the bonus based on the following formula:

Example: (Deposit amount + Bonus amount) x 20 = Required turnover for withdrawal

This basically stipulates that in order for a trader to withdraw his funds after accepting a bonus, he or she must invest in the equivalent of the deposit amount (example: $500) + the bonus amount (example: $500, so $1000 total) x 20 (example = $20,000) worth of options.

So that’s 20 options @ $1000/option or 40 options @ $500/each. To make a long story short, in order to benefit from the 100% trading bonus a BBinary, you should expect to be trading options for a while so that you can fulfill the bonus conditions in order to to withdraw your earnings.

BBinary customer service

BBinary’s customer support is one-of-a-kind and provides the widest variety of channels to get in touch with someone including: Live chat, phone, fax, e-mail, Skype and scheduled call-back appointments. Here is a detailed list of the ways to contact this broker.

US Toll Free: +1 (800) 656 6163

International: +1 (212) 710 5905

Fax: +1 (646) 291 8910

Skype: banc.de.binary.support

You can call them from 10AM Sunday to 5PM Friday (ET) Saturday 9AM to 5PM (ET) and their offices are open 24 hours from Sunday to Friday.

If you prefer, you can also request a free call back no matter your country or make a free online phone call using the BBinary website.


Banc de Binary’s 100% deposit bonus offer is the highest bonus offer available online for option traders looking to invest in binary options.

However, new traders who may not be as certain about trading options may want to forgo the bonus and /or start trading with a free demo account first – like the one that OptionBit offers.

But, if you’re looking to trade options with one of the most professional brokers online that offers THE most advanced binary trading software (click here for the review of BinaryMETA) and double your trading money with them, this offer can’t be beat.

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