24Option Offers Binary Option Demo Accounts

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on November 13, 2011 at 4:45 pm

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BinaryOptionsNow – 24option is one of the few binary options brokers in the market today that will give you a free demo account. The demo account isn’t technically free, you are required to deposit at least $200 to access it. But being able to trade with a free account to get used to the interface before risking your own money can be a great help to many new traders struggling to be profitable. With a great platform and many different options for trading, 24option is one of the best binary brokers on the market today.

The Interface

The first thing that sticks out when you log into your binary options demo account with 24option is the black and gold interface. It’s unique, but also very readable. The interface also uses plus and minus buttons for market trades. Most other brokers use put and call buttons. The plus and minus buttons 24option uses helps to eliminate confusion with newer traders.

There are also multiple views available inside the demo account. While it’s not as customizable as some forex platforms are, being able to choose the view that is right for you is better than you will get with other options brokers.

Types of Trades

With 24option you have three different types of trades that you can make, which gives you a new level of trading you can’t find with any other binary options broker. The three types of trades that you can make are:

1. High/Low Trades: These are the binary options that most brokers offer. You trade on whether you think the price of the asset at the expiration time of the option is going to be higher or lower than the current market price.

2. Touch/No Touch Trades: These options have a target price and an expiry time. If the market price of the asset touches the target price by the expiration time, you profit from a touch trade. If it doesn’t touch the target price, the no touch trade profits.

3. Boundary Trades: Boundary trades have two target prices. Trades are made guessing if the price of the security will stay inside or go outside boundary of the two target prices.

All of these different types of options are explained in the right hand sidebar of the interface. So if you get confused or forget what you are trading, help is only a glance away.

Another unique feature of 24option is that you can sell back your option up until five minutes before the option expires. There is a fee for selling back your option early, but it isn’t as severe as losing the option entirely.

Customer Service

With 24option, customer service is available in eight different languages over chat, email, or the telephone. You also get access to a library full of binary trading resources to help educate yourself and get your profitable as quickly as possible.

The fact that 24option lets you have a free binary options demo account is a great binary options bonus to traders, especially new ones. You will be able to try out your strategies without having to risk your money at first. The demo may require a deposit, but it still is a good feature.

24option’s great interface, lots of options for trades and assets, and great customer service makes it a great binary options broker. Get started with your free demo account by signing up today.

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