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BinaryOptionsNow | Published on July 4, 2011 at 11:07 am

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Binary option trading has taken off and has spread across the world like wildfire. Thousands of option traders participate in trading each and every day, using online binary options brokers to trade binary options easily.

Each of these binary options brokers uses a binary option trading platform that allows an option trader to simply and easily execute binary options trades on a wide variety of assets, such as currencies, stocks, commodities, and stock indices. Each platform has its pluses and minuses, but all allow unprecedented access to financial instrument trading since the creation of online stock brokerages during the early 2000’s.

One further advance takes advantage of the power of the Internet and cellular technology to feature binary option trading on mobile phone devices. With these compact yet powerful pieces of technology, an option trader can trade binary options from literally anywhere there is a signal.

This article will go over mobile access to online binary options brokers and how people can use them to place binary options trades in real time from any location.

The Benefits of Mobile Trading

Some people who trade binary options are traditionalists. They prefer to use downloaded platforms from their computers so they can surround themselves with financial data and run multiple websites at once. Others are content with just using the browser-based platforms that most binary options websites have and going from there.

There are, however, advantages to using the cutting-edge technology available to us today. Since trading options takes place very quickly in some cases – especially when you get down to hourly expiration times – you want to be able to make a trade and observe its progress at a glance. If you are out of the office or away from your computer, doing that is tricky and problematic – and even using a laptop doesn’t work if there is no wireless internet signal around.

With a mobile device, however, you can place and track trades from virtually anywhere. You can also keep track of charts and graphs and other indicators for future trades, and can even set up email or text alerts when certain assets hit certain prices.

Examples of Online Platforms with Mobile Trading

Mobile trading is a new trend but one that is catching on quickly. More and more brokerages are beginning to incorporate this method of trading into their websites and abilities to attract more clients. is one example of a website that allows mobile trading. Their free mobile trading application is available for the iPhone or iPad through the Apple App Store. The controls are pretty simple and straightforward. You can also easily deposit funds or observe live charts.

AnyOption has become one of the more popular online trading platforms in the market today, and the mobile version of its platform is becoming equally popular. AnyOption’s mobile platform is available for the iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free. It offers a streamlined version of its main platform and gives you the ability to place trades in real time for a variety of assets.

More and more option brokers are turning to mobile apps as a way to enable traders to execute trades, so look to placing your trades from the palm of your hand in the future.

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