Review of AnyOption’s New “Show Off” Feature

BinaryOptionsNow | Published on April 14, 2011 at 6:17 pm

AnyOption review

A Review of’s “Show Off” Feature

An option trader likes to succeed in binary options trading – because success equals money. Part of success is letting others know that you have turned a profit and earned money simply by trading binary options through option brokers online. makes telling others about your successes easier with its unique “Show Off” feature that broadcasts your success whenever you trade binary options and strike it rich. This article will provide an overview of’s unique “Show Off” feature and how it can even help you in your binary options trading in the near future.

An Overview of is one of the many option brokers online that offer you the chance to buy and sell options in a wide variety of assets, including stocks, stock indices, commodities, and currency pairs. It markets itself as giving you the possibility to make up to 70% profit in less than one hour. It also says you can make up to 380% returns on the weekends with One Touch options.

One of the more distinctive features, though, is its “Show Off” feature.

What Does This Feature Do?

Whenever you trade binary options, you have two possible outcomes: You either finish in the money and win, or finish out of the money and lose. Hopefully, you will win more often than you lose, which is the path toward a productive career in binary options trading.

Every time you win, it largely goes unnoticed with most option brokers out there in the market. With, you have a different choice. With their innovative “Show Off” feature, you can have your successes broadcasted to others via the main website. Your trade will show up with the pertinent details: What you bought, how much your trade cost, when you made the trade, how long it took you to profit, and – of course – how much you made.

This way, there is no mystery to how well you are doing. Every success you choose to have sent out through “Show Off” (accessible at the top of the screen) is recorded for all to see, and you can showcase your victories in the binary options market. Now, you can trade binary options and develop a reputation for a successful and savvy option trader.

How This Feature Can Help Option Traders

This “Show Off” feature from is not just for showing off, believe it or not. True, one main use is featuring your victories when you trade binary options and finish in-the-money. But, there is also another helpful use that you can adapt for your advantage.

Scroll through the “Show Off” feature display on and read the entries as they come up. See what people are trading, and what actions they are putting in for a particular asset. This could give you a clue as to what you should do in the present or future for a particular asset. You can also see how long it takes to profit and how much money you can make off of binary options with this broker.

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